Воздушные Шары в форме фольги

Воздушные Шары в форме фольги also known as ‘Super Shape Balloons’, these foil-crafted inflatables offer an array of imaginative shapes, from animals to outer space. Their reflective surface adds a distinctive shimmer, making them a standout choice for any event seeking a blend of durability and artistic expression

A Variety Of Foil Shape Balloons

Leading the way in China, Гибуни excels in the mass production of diverse Foil Shape Balloons.

Favored by our customers, we’re constantly broadening our range with innovative designs.

Reach out for a quote on these versatile and eye-catching foil balloons, perfect for any event!

Сценарные эффекты нашегоВоздушные Шары в форме фольги

Transform any setting with HiBoony’s Foil Shape Balloons, a favorite among buyers for their ability to create captivating environments. Ideal for parties, promotional events, or retail displays, these balloons come in various shapes and sizes, offering endless possibilities to enhance any occasion’s atmosphere. Discover the magic they can bring to your space by contacting us for your bulk or custom balloon needs.

Воздушные Шары в форме фольги Видео

Взгляните на наш цифровые воздушные шары в реальной жизни на видео!

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Proven Manufacturing Processes

Hiboony makes really good foil balloons for both wholesale and personalized orders. They make sure every step of the process is done carefully and accurately to give the best quality balloons.

Вопросы и ответы

We have a list of common questions about foil shape balloons. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, our customer support is available 24/7 to help.

For custom-designed Balloons, our general MOQ starts at 5000pcs. However, we always try to accommodate our clients' unique needs. If you have a specific requirement or a smaller event, do reach out, and we'll discuss possible arrangements.

For international orders, we offer shipping options including air and sea freight. Shipping time frames vary based on the destination and chosen shipping method. Our team can provide estimated delivery times and shipping costs based on your specific international location.

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We generally offer bulk packaging, but we can provide customized packaging (individual cardboard packaging or envelope packaging) according to our customers. We use protective packaging materials and sturdy boxes, ensuring they arrive in excellent condition, ready for inflation and display.

Our  Balloons are meticulously crafted from superior quality nylon. This material is specifically chosen for its exceptional elasticity and excellent air retention properties.  The robust nature of nylon also contributes to the overall quality, ensuring that each balloon stands out with a premium look and feel, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your event or display.

We provide scaled volume discounts for large orders of Script Letter Balloons. The more you order, the more cost-effective the pricing per unit. Contact us with your intended order size, and we will outline a discount structure tailored to your order.

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