Walking Balloon

Walking Balloon, also known as an “walker balloon”, “gliding balloon”, or often termed “walking animal balloon” due to many being shaped like animals, is a specially crafted helium balloon with weighted feet. This design ensures that, instead of floating upwards, the balloon hovers near the ground and “walks” or glides across the floor when pulled, offering an interactive and delightful experience.

Generale Applicazione For Walking Balloon

Applicazione Generale Per Walking Balloon

As a top-selling type of foil balloon, Walking Balloons are versatile and apt for numerous settings and occasions.

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Amusement Park

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Children's Activity Centers

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Seaside Resort

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Shopping Centers & Malls

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La Decorazione Del Partito

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Street vendors

Market Hot Selling Product

Market Hot Selling Prodotto

As a top-selling type of foil balloon, Walking Balloons are versatile and apt for numerous settings and occasions.

HiBoony is the leading Walking Balloon Manufacturer in Asia.
We produce Walking Balloons perfect for amusement parks, beach resorts, parties, shopping centers, and various events.
Whether you’re in search of a No matter if you are looking for a wholesale supplier or need custom-designed Walking Balloons, we’ve got you covered.
Send an inquiry to get an instant quote today!

Our Walking Pet Balloon Video

All video features our genuine balloon creations. With extensive experience in customizing walking balloons, inquire now if interested

Perché Scegliere Hiboony's Walking Balloons?

Why Choose Hiboony's Walking Balloons?

With 25 years experience, Hiboony is your premier choice for high-quality Walking Balloons. Being Asia’s largest foil balloon manufacturer, we promise not just balloons, but an experience that resonates. 

Reliable Walking Balloon Manufacturer in China

Hiboony boasts remarkable prowess in walking balloon manufacturing.

  • Certified by CE, SGS, FSC, and ISO9001 standards.
  • Advanced production lines, churning out 300,000 balloons daily.
  • Direct manufacturing with a vast 890,000 ft² plant area and dedicated, well-trained artisans.
  • Bolstered by a massive and meticulous quality management team, we ensure stringent oversight at every production juncture. 


Whether you need Walking balloon or need to custom any Foil Balloon products. Hiboony always satisfies your needs.

What People Are Saying?

What People Are Saying ?

Domande Frequenti

If you have any questions about Walking Balloons, we’ve put together a list of common questions that our customers ask. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, feel free to contact our customer service. Our team is available all day and night to help you and answer any questions you may have.

Absolutely! We offer customization options. Tell us about your walking ball idea and we'll see if we can make it a reality and give you a quote!

Yes, we do! For orders above a certain quantity, we offer special bulk discounts. Please contact our sales team for more details.

For in-stock walking balloons, there's no minimum order quantity. However, for designs that are out of stock, our minimum order quantity starts at 1000pcs.

La soddisfazione del cliente è la nostra priorità. Se c'è qualche problema con il vostro ordine, si prega di contattare il nostro servizio clienti immediatamente e ti indirizzo subito.

Helium in our walking balloons typically lasts between 1 week. However, environmental conditions like temperature can affect the longevity of helium.

It's advisable to keep them away from sharp objects and extreme temperatures. Also, avoid over-inflating to ensure they maintain their shape and longevity.

Per gli ordini con sufficiente magazzino, la spedizione entro 5 giorni. Per ordini personalizzati o grandi quantità, il tempo di consegna varia in base a specifici requisiti di progettazione. Inoltre, il tempo di attesa è influenzato anche dalla scelta del metodo di spedizione e la posizione del cliente.

Se non c'è nessuna informazione che si desidera sul FAQ le pagine? Non importa.
Fare clic sul "Invia La Tua Domanda" e riempire le vostre domande, ti risponderemo entro le 2 ore.
Se la tua domanda è adottato dal Hiboony e mostrando le FAQ.
Si otterrà un 2% di sconto o di un 100 USD coupon sul tuo primo ordine, il vostro indirizzo email non sarà l'unica prova.

Ordine Walking Balloon: Deals Await!

We tailor solutions with you in mind, ensuring personalized plans and maximum profit!

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    Strict Quality Control

    Strict Quality Control

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    Careful Packaging Process

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    Large inventory

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