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Whether you are seeking detailed information about our products or wish to gain a deeper understanding of our extensive services, our carefully curated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section offers a wealth of insights. Should you have any queries that are not covered in our FAQ, we encourage you to reach out to our team. By doing so, you will receive personalized, expert advice directly from professionals in the field.


Yes, we are a direct manufacturer with extensive experience in foil balloon production, providing both stock and custom options.

Located in Guangdong Province, China.

Yes sure, we can arrange and make an appointment in advance for you.

We have multiple production lines, and we can manufacture up to 100,000 balloons per day.

Certainly, we can provide you with some free samples to give you a better understanding of our quality.

Yes, our balloons are certified by CE, REACH, BSCI, EN71, FCCA, FSC, and ISO9001, ensuring high quality and safety standards.


Our main material is nylon, known for its excellent air retention and flexibility. We also offer polyester (mylar) balloons upon request.

We manufacture various types of foil balloons, including helium, air-filled, walking, standing, and unique shaped balloons.

While recycling options depend on local facilities, we focus on environmental sustainability in our manufacturing processes.


Absolutely! We offer customization for nearly any balloon type. whether you already have a finalized design or not, we can assist you in bringing your balloon design to life. We can even utilize AI to create stunning balloon artworks based on your ideas. Our minimum order for custom designs is 5000 pieces.

For general size foil balloons, the minimum custom order is 5000 pcs. However, we can discuss specific requirements for special cases.

For custom orders, we start by confirming the design, create a handmade sample for approval, and then proceed to mass production after the second confirmation.

Custom orders typically require 16-20 days for production, plus additional time for design confirmation and shipping. If your design is not yet completed, or if you need to customize multiple balloons, we recommend allowing more time, around 35 days, to account for any unforeseen circumstances.

YES, we can also print your logo or design paper card on package. MOQ is 1000pcs per item.


We tailor our packaging to client needs. For wholesale orders without specific requests, we provide bulk packaging, typically 50 balloons per pack. Additionally, we offer existing envelope packaging designs for some balloons, though prices may vary for this option.

For custom packaging, we offer two main options: envelope packaging and card packaging. Both our paper envelopes and cards are FSC certified, ensuring environmentally responsible sourcing and quality. If you have a specific design or material in mind, please share your requirements with us, and we will work to accommodate your needs.


Yes, we offer ribbons, paper straws, and balloon weights tailored to customer requirements.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. If there are any issues with your order, please contact our customer service immediately for resolution.


For samples, we use express delivery (4-7 days). Bulk orders are typically shipped by sea, taking at least 20 days, depending on the destination.

Orders from our stock are shipped within 5 days. Custom or large orders have varying timelines based on design and quantity.

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