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Take a tour of HiBoony’s optimized manufacturing facility and see how we complete projects with speed, excellence and precision. Our factory has a very well-established quality control process equipped with the latest production equipment and testing tools to ensure our high standards are maintained throughout the production process.

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Unlimited Foil Balloon Capabilities

Figures speak volumes – let our annual results establish us as a competitive force in the party supply industry.

Plant Area
Annual Capacity
0 million
Daily Ouput
100001 pcs

Crafting Excellence in Every Detail

Manufacturing journey is segmented into specialized workshops, each dedicated to a distinct phase of the foil balloon creation process. This setup allows for focused craftsmanship and attention to detail at every turn.

From the initial design to the final inspection, our team ensures that each foil balloon embodies our standard of excellence, promising not just a product, but a testament to our commitment to quality.

Show Room at a Glance

Our show room is about 2000 m² (about 21,500 ft²) and shows the full range of our foil balloons, get a closer look at our products and their quality.

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