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Self-Inflating Balloons offer a convenient, no-hassle solution for decorations. This innovative reaction between food-grade baking soda and citric acid releases CO2, inflating the balloon into festive shapes and sizes, ideal for speedy event styling

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Discover the convenience of Hiboony’s Self-Inflating Balloons, perfect for adding a pop of celebration to any cake or doubling as dynamic marketing materials. Effortless to use and impactful in presentation, these balloons are the ideal choice for cake toppers and promotional tools that stand out.

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Marketing supplies

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The models we currently have are numbered balloons and some basic shapes.

HiBoony reigns as the leading name in Asia for premium Foil Balloons.

Our Self-Inflating Balloons offer instant delight with no effort. Suited for any celebration, from personal milestones to corporate events, our balloons are designed for convenience and charm.

For bulk purchases or custom orders, contact us for your personalized quote today!

Warum Wählen Sie Hiboony's Self Inflating Balloons

Warum Wählen Sie Hiboony s Selbst Aufblasen Ballons


At HiBoony, we prioritize standardized production processes. Our commitment to mass and systematic manufacturing ensures consistent quality in every foil balloon we produce.


We push the boundaries of design possibilities, developing over 1000 new balloon designs each year. Our innovative approach ensures that our customers have access to the latest trends 


With over 25 years of experience, Hiboony specializes in providing customized solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. 

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Should you have queries about our self inflating Balloons, renowned for their transparent elegance, we have an assembled list of answers. Can’t find the specifics? Our customer service remains ready round the clock to address your curiosities.

Bulk purchases can be made in increments of 5000, 10000, or more. We offer tiered pricing to ensure that you receive the best possible value for large orders. Our sales team can work with you to determine the most cost-effective bulk purchase plan for your needs.

Absolutely, we specialize in custom printing on Self-Inflating Balloons. Share your logo or message with us, and we will provide a digital proof for your approval. The customization process may affect the minimum order quantity and lead time, so please inquire accordingly.

Custom orders typically have a lead time of 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the complexity and size of the order. We always aim to deliver as quickly as possible while maintaining our high-quality standards.

Certainly! After understanding your design requirements, we create a sample for your review. This ensures the final product aligns perfectly with your expectations before we initiate bulk production.

We can supply samples for your evaluation. We believe in the quality of our product and want you to be confident in your purchase.

Should there be any issues with your order, contact us immediately. We have a dedicated customer service team ready to address any concerns and provide solutions, ensuring your satisfaction with the products received.

Our production process includes rigorous quality control measures at every stage. Repeat orders are matched against initial specifications and samples to ensure consistency. We maintain records of every batch produced for traceability and quality assurance.

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We tailor solutions with you in mind, ensuring personalized plans and maximum profit!

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