Orbz & 3D Sphere Balloons

Orbz and 3D Sphere Balloons represent the epitome of contemporary balloon decor. These round, orb-shaped balloons offer a sleek, polished look that elevates any event setting. Perfect for sophisticated decor themes, they provide a 360-degree visual delight, boasting a mirror-like finish and exceptional durability. Ideal for creating modern, elegant atmospheres.

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Presenting a diverse collection of Sphere Balloons to enhance the ambiance of any celebration

Hiboony leads the globe in crafting Orbz Sphere Balloons, producing over 10 million innovative and eye-catching balloons each year.

Ideal for adding a modern twist to any event, our Orbz Sphere Balloons bring a stylish, contemporary vibe. Whether you’re planning a large event or seeking unique, customized designs, we provide a wide range of options.

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Take a look at our 3D Sphere balloons in real life on video!

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Adding a Sparkle to Every Occasion with Their Universal Appeal

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Party Decor

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Event Decoration

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Suitable for virtually Scene

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Direct from the source: Hiboony, a top choice for brands seeking reliable bulk production, high-quality products, and excellent after-sales service.

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10 million
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Asia's largest Factory
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Advanced Production Techniques

Discover the detailed excellence in Hiboony’s production journey. From the initial step to the final product, our focus on precision and superior craftsmanship ensures that every foil balloon, be it bulk-produced or bespoke, is of extraordinary quality.

Consistency in Production

HiBoony focuses on uniform quality in our production lines. Our efficient, large-scale methods ensure every foil balloon meets our high standards.

Cutting-Edge Designs

HiBoony continuously reinvents its design portfolio, introducing more than 1,000 foil balloon designs annually. We keep our customers at the forefront of the latest trends with our proactive design strategy.

Expertise in Focus

With over 25 years of expertise, Hiboony specializes in creating custom solutions finely tuned to each client’s specific needs.

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Got questions about our Orbz Sphere Balloons? Dive into our comprehensive FAQ for swift insights.

Need a more tailored touch? Our friendly 24/7 customer support is here to help, ensuring your Orbz Sphere Balloon experience is as smooth as it is spherical.

For standard designs, we start with a minimum order of 1000 pieces. For something bespoke, let’s discuss what works best for your project.

Absolutely! Our Orbz Sphere Balloons are the perfect canvas for your brand messages. The spherical shape provides more surface area, ensuring that custom prints are visible from all angles. Share your designs with us, and we'll help in creating a personalized, impactful experience for your events or marketing campaigns.

The lead time for customized Orbz Sphere Balloons can vary depending on the complexity and volume of the order. Typically, we ask for a production time of about 4-6 weeks from the finalization of the design. However, we always strive to accommodate tighter schedules wherever possible.

We offer tiered pricing, so larger orders will indeed benefit from discounts. Our pricing structure is designed to support and encourage bulk purchases, ensuring you get the best value for your order volume.

Orbz Sphere Balloons are incredibly versatile and can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings, although we advise caution with extreme outdoor conditions to maintain their pristine look.

Yes, Seeing is believing!  You're completely happy with the design before we go full-scale.

Yes, Our Orbz Sphere Balloons can be inflated with either helium or air, depending on your needs. Helium is best for balloons that need to float, while air-filled balloons work well for ground displays or when affixed to structures.

For international orders, we accept various payment methods including major Western Union, bank transfers, and PayPal. We aim to make the payment process as convenient and secure as possible for our global clientele.

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