Riesen-Dinosaurier-Ballons bring a prehistoric thrill to any event, transforming it into a Jurassic adventure with their larger-than-life size and realistic designs. Perfect for themed parties, these awe-inspiring inflatables capture the imagination, creating an impactful, adventurous atmosphere that brings the world of dinosaurs to life.

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Pioneering in China, HiBoony specializes in mass producing Riesen-Dinosaurier-Ballons.

Loved by clients, we’re continuously expanding our giant balloon collection.

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Our Giant Dinosaur Balloons are a showstopper in any setting – from lively events and children’s play areas to eye-catching retail displays. These massive, attention-grabbing balloons are perfect for buyers looking to draw a crowd and add an element of wonder. Ideal for versatile use, they promise to be the centerpiece of any occasion. Contact us to make these captivating giants a part of your scene.

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Warum Wählen Sie Hiboony s Riesen-Dinosaurier-Ballons

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Proven Manufacturing Processes

Hiboony promises top-notch quality for both Wholesale and custom foil balloons, thanks to our strict methodology and precision at every step.

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If you have inquiries about standing number balloons, we’ve compiled a set of frequently asked questions to assist you. Should you not find the information you seek, our customer support is on standby around the clock to provide the answers you need.

Kunden Zufriedenheit ist unsere oberste Priorität. Wenn es irgendein Problem mit Ihrem Auftrag, Kontaktieren Sie bitte unseren Kundendienst sofort, und wir werden Adresse, die Sie prompt.

For international orders, we offer shipping options including air and sea freight. Shipping time frames vary based on the destination and chosen shipping method. Our team can provide estimated delivery times and shipping costs based on your specific international location.

Ihre Zufriedenheit ist von größter Bedeutung. Sollten irgendwelche Probleme auftreten, Kontaktieren Sie bitte unseren Kundenservice team sofort. Wir werden fleißig arbeiten, um zu beseitigen alle Bedenken und sicherzustellen, dass Ihre Anforderungen erfüllt sind.

Custom orders typically require a lead time of 4 to 7 weeks, depending on the complexity and size of the order. We recommend planning in advance, especially for large events, to ensure timely delivery and satisfaction.

Two of the giant dinosaur balloons are currently in stock, wholesale allows a minimum quantity of 20pcs for sale, please contact us for details!

For custom-designed Balloons, our general MOQ starts at 5000pcs. However, we always try to accommodate our clients' unique needs. If you have a specific requirement or a smaller event, do reach out, and we'll discuss possible arrangements.

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